Indie Love Is The Best Love: 4 Songs To Capture The Moments in 2022 With – RF20XX Singles Review

When it comes to listening to new and old favorite tunes, for RF20XX, love is constantly in the air (and blaring out of our speakers). Whether celebrating warm feelings with a loved one out on the town, or relaxing among friends in a quieted atmosphere, here are a couple tracks to heighten the emotions with and to put the mind in another point-of-view ~

Only You

By Sinners & Saints

(Charlotte, NC)

Taking two words and enchanting them with a uniqueness throughout the track, “Only You” pierces the heart in a way synonymous with the acoustic leanings of Perry Fowler and Mark Baran’s Sinners & Saints can provide. Positioned vocally as long-form poetry in execution, the duo creates a big feeling that draws in the audience by counting the ways their love is expressed, never once needing to repeat a line from start to finish. Whether being in the moment of glancing at their desired one or pining away from the time separated, this song can make a listener swoon and weep all in the same sitting.

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Love Song For Cigarettes

By Andy The Doorbum

(Charlotte, NC)

In One of the most unconventional love songs on this list, Andy The Doorbum plays two sides in a standoff between a homeowner and an invader, where the two collide over a “Love Song For Cigarettes”. Prefaced by what the tale’s being exchanged for, Andy paints both pictures from inside each man’s head, both malevolent and humorous, as each makes plans to outfox the other for their own means. While one side ultimately meets a bad end, the line “Love and Addictions can conquer anything” breaks any tension with a wicked smile, but undoubtedly rings with a truth that can be applied endlessly, whether to a loved one or any vice in existence.

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One To My Two

By Rawz and Tiece

(Oxford, United Kingdom)

For this track, the assembling of its elements is just as beautiful as the atmosphere the complete song produces by the end. In a style that comes off more spoken word than the threading of verses together, Rawz gives a confession that hits as if his subject has been in his heart since childhood. The song is rosy in a real kind of way, referencing both good and bad moments, painting a full picture. Tiece shares the spotlight in this collaboration as her vocals top off the imagery with sweet yet seductive tones, taking all the emotional vibes Rawz gives her and sends them right back.

Rawz | Tiece

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By Maggie Gently

(San Francisco, CA)

Short and sweet, this pop track encapsulates the warm moments of excited love, but also layers the new expectations with a bit of self-asserted caution. “Worried” offers the relative ease that creates dreamed up visions, incorporating loved ones, even if some of those images never come to pass in the long run. The mental visual of Maggie keeping her partner in the car as long as possible on the drive home is relatable to anyone, whether still in the thralls of high school education or looking back on fond memories, no matter the distance away in time and space.

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