“We all came into the world naked. The rest is Drag.”

Scribed on the bio of their Facebook fan page, Crystal Guysir immediately gives new eyes looking into their world something to think about on approach. Based out of Charleston, SC, the road toward expression as a Drag Queen has carried Crystal through the Carolinas and down the rest of the East Coast, representing the House of Gem alongside other collectives including Charlotte’s House of Terror and Carolina Creepshow. There is always more to explore about ourselves beyond the physical realm, and Crystal ambitiously aims as this challenge through their second EP, Obsidian.

Picking “New Age” as the opening track, Crystal utilizes light synths to mix into their vocals, giving a mystic quality to the music that connects to each track over the course of the album. The messaging through the lyrics is complemented by this, as the first line reads like a mantra and carries that feeling throughout the rest of the song; “It’s a new dawn/new day/the kind you don’t waste.” Where “New Age” has a more relaxed vocal pace, “Doubt’ and “Wasting Time” hasten as listeners go up the setlist. With Beau O’ Bishop featured on the refrain, “Doubt” is expressed powerfully as Crystal battles against a memory and releases their thoughts in full, mixing in rapid-fire verses up to the chorus.

Crystal Guysir and Misster performing for Creepchella at Snug Harbor on 6/9/2022 (Photos by RF20XX)

A favorite of the album, “Wasting Time” is upbeat positive messaging that engages directly with the audience, and as the title suggests, Crystal pushes the best use of life by way of boosting theirself up while giving listeners food for thought with constant affirmations. From “The Process” on, the tone of the album shifts to being more striking and playful, allowing Crystal to shine in a finer light while cultivating a fierce image. Misster from the House of Terror tags in on the fourth track, adding to the intensity on display. The pairing is seamless, with each performer name-dropping the other in their lyric sets, showing nothing but love for the other.

Obsidian presents the aspects in Crystal Guysir that performing onstage only gives audiences a surface reflection of. Built by confidence and letting light shine in on the vulnerabilities Crystal carries, the album works to pave the way of deeper understanding for those that look to them. Over the seven tracks, not only do we learn more about the performer, but listeners are invited to find that same energy in themselves, where no day exists that we can’t find something in our own lives to love.

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