RoyalCity Lif’s SoundMaker Social gives love to the producer community of Charlotte at The Warmack ~ 4/27/2023: RF20XX’s A Glance At Time


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Blink and you might miss it; Sitting neatly along the Central Avenue strip with many of the newer shops and installations, The Warmack tends to blend in with its neighbors well, but for those familiar, it’s not only a go-to for amazing Asian-fusion cuisine and curated drinks. It’s also a weekly hub for Charlotte’s hip-hop community to gather together in a casual atmosphere, from parties to performances.

Last week, local artist RoyalCity Lif put together the first of hopefully many social gatherings, aimed directly at a community within rap that sorely deserves it; the Producers. Promisingly, even through the rainy weather Charlotte had been hit with that night, Lif’s Sound-Maker Social Vol. 1 hit all the right notes a music networking event should, attracting many familiar faces from the Queen City’s many hubs, and a few surprise ones too.

Most certainly, and with little remorse for the pun; There’s a lot of noise to make about this new curated event in the city’s music ecosystem.

Check the galleries below for highlights, and tune into RoyalCity Lif’s IG for updates on the next curated celebrations! ~

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