One of my favorite, as well as not-so beloved, things about Charlotte, or any major city for that matter, is there’s always so much going on, even on the quieter nights. Like being a kid in a candy store, when I look at each event listed on a particular night, I want to sample every show and every happening. It’s the gift and curse of tracking the city’s various locales, but once I find a way to be everywhere at once, it’s a wrap on that issue.

Similarly, it can be tough to choose just a few stories to cover from the places I end up being. Fortunately, words aren’t the only way to convey a scene, and so today, we begin part of the “Glance” series that gives those stories the ability to tell themselves, both through the photos taken and the video caught.

Check out each curated gallery below, and see if you can see how bright each of these people glow in their own right. ~

Overthinker (Orlando, FL)
4/28 – Skylark Social Club

Outatime! (Orlando, FL)
4/28 – Skylark Social Club

The Dirty Low Down (Charlotte, NC)
4/28 – Skylark Social Club

Home For The Day (Taylorsville, NC)
5/1 – The Milestone Club

Sink In (Hershey, PA)
5/1 – The Milestone Club

Vegas Van Dank’s Trashed Thursdays
5/4 at Skylark Social Club

Trashed Thursday’s Inaugural Group
Vegas Van Dank
Thigh Fieri
Sinister Slaughter
Seraph Van Dank
Norvina Bram
Faith N Mae
Elektra The Vile

Van Huskins (Gastonia, NC)
5/6 – Tommy’s Pub

Dark Sun Kult (Gastonia, NC)
5/6 – Tommy’s Pub

Witch Motel (Charlotte, NC)
5/6 – Tommy’s Pub

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